Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017

Location: EV 11.705
1515 Ste-Catherine West, 11th floor
Concordia University Montreal

Tentative Schedule



  • Andrei Zanescu and colleagues–Dota 2: The Most Played Game on Steam
    • The Dota 2 workshop will be separated in two parts overall: theory and demonstration. The theory portion will consist of a presentation about the production context, game design and technological affordances of Dota 2. The demonstration portion will consist of one or more exhibition matches of Dota 2, with commentary and the option to wager. The purpose of the workshop is to foster discussion and critique regarding the manner in which Dota 2 promotes gambling, both as practice and as a conceptual apparatus. Questions are welcome throughout the workshop and there will be Q&A portions following both portions.


  • Lunch


  • Dota 2 Panel Discussion


  • Concurrent Workshops
    • Workshop 1: Candy Crush & Clash of Clans–Playing With ‘Free-to-Play’ Games
    • Workshop 2: Video Slots–Playing slots on