Gam(bl)ing: Commodification of Leisure in the Digital Era

Exploring hyperconnectivity and its relations to the consumption of games.

Programme and call for poster presentations available here.

Save the date: June 8-10, 2020, Montreal

The Symposium is being postponed to spring 2021.

With the advance of technology, a wide spectrum of everyday practices have become increasingly digitalized. Boundaries between offline and online spaces are evermore blurred calling for greater understanding of how various forms of consumption link in a harmonious or disruptive forms along the physical-digital continuum. Supported by ubiquitous mobile technologies and connected platforms, gam(bl)ing experiences have been shaped by hyper-connected and fast-adapting technological environments, which have changed the very nature of gaming and gambling and rendering them virtually indistinguishable.

This symposium aims to provide a space for scholars, students, clinicians and other stakeholders to share knowledge and discuss the relations between digitized gam(bl)ing and the commodification of leisure in the digital era. We will explore the nature and functions of the various boundaries where gam(bl)ing experiences unfold along the physical-digital continuum.

The symposium will be structured around interactive sessions offering round-table discussions, exchange and immersive activities, as well as presentations by researchers and students from a variety of disciplines.


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The Gam(bl)ing: Commodification of leisure in the digital era symposium aims to explore gam(bl)ing and its repercussions in our digitized and densely connected age. In particular, we will: 1) explore the positive and negative effects of hyper-connectivity on the consumption of games and the consumer, and 2) contrast our visions as researchers, clinicians, regulators, game designersand users.

The symposium aims to trigger debates through around the following questions:

  1. How do the blurred boundaries between online and offline universes affect gam(bl)ing consumption and practices?
  2. How does engagement with sophisticated technologies and platforms shape our relations to gam(bl)ing activities?
  3. What are the effects of the new technologies and their hyperconnectivity on research, prevention and treatment? What opportunities and constraints do they raise for scientific inquiry?

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