Claude Leduc

Research interests

  • Quantified Self
  • Reification in Online Spaces
  • Professionalization in Gaming/Gambling
  • Online Gambling
  • Information Society

Professionalizing the game: selective reification in online poker tables.

  • Online poker players / Poker tracking software / Poker host sites. The ways in which online poker players utilize poker tracking software when engaging with other players. What are their methods? motivations? How does tracking software galvanize and promote the professionalization of online poker?
  • How do online poker players navigate the intersection between gambling and gaming, and what is the role of tracking software when exploring online poker in this light?
  • The ability of host sites to track player behavior, collect player data, and then share the information openly provides an opportunity to explore the issue of consent (as well as dissemination) in studies of anonymity, surveillance, and privacy protection.
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