Concordia University Risk Research Working Group

Valérie de Courville Nicol

Research interests:

emotional risk, emotional socialization, emotional management, emotional danger, emotional health

medical stethoscope placed on white background
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Mark Doerksen

Research interests:

institutional risk reduction conflict, cultural practises of individuals, medical regulations, black and grey markets.

Gilbert Émond

Research interests

HIV, homophobia, risk prevention, sexual diversity issue

Martin French

Research interests:

Risk, surveillance, social justice

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Alisan Funk

Research interests:

Circus, Higher Education, circus education

Marilou Gagnon

Research interests:

biotechnologies, surveillance technologies and diagnostics, nursing practice

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Marcelo Garcia

Research interests:

communication, health, social networks

Mark Gasper

Research interests:

health, illness, sexuality, HIV

judgement scale and gavel in judge office
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Fergus Gleeson

Research interest:

public international law, risk, responsibility, cybernetics

Kregg Hetherington

Research interests:

environmental conflict, economic regulation, Latin America, infrastructures

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Lucian Ivanov

Research interests:

surveillance, risk, Eastern European Block

Jochen Jaeger

Research interests:

landscape structures, disclosure, communication, environment

Sylvia Kairouz

Research interests:

gambling, addictive behaviours, social inequalities, gambling technologies in the cyberspace

Ketra Schmitt

Research interests:

risk, policy, human and environmental health

Marc Lafrance

Research interests:

sex, gender, sexuality

Carmen Lamothe

Research interests:

public health, mobile technology, surveillance

Louis Patrick Leroux

Research interests:

risk, performance, circus

syringe and pills on blue background
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Leanne Letourneau

Research interests:

HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, public health surveillance

Andrew Maclean

Research interests:

digital spaces, online governance

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Isabel MacDonald

Research interests:

comics journalism, immigration, humanitarian governance

Alexander McClelland

Research interests:

criminalization, sexual autonomy, drug liberation, HIV/AIDS

Fenwick McKelvey

Research interests:

communication media, policy, computational routines

Eva Monson

Research interests:

mental health, traumatic stress, gambling, epidemiology and contextual factors

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Kris Murray

Research interests:

voluntary risk taking behaviours, political mastication

two person standing under lot of bullet cctv camera
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Jessica Percy-Campbell

Research interests:

surveillance capitalism, digital privacy

person holding a green plant
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Matthew Perks

Research interests:

eco-citizenship, climate change, gamification

Norma Rantisi

Research interests:

neoliberalized forms of cultural production, apparel, circus arts

industry technology lens zoom
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Shelley Reuter

Research interests:

genetic risk, human agency, wellness, reproductive decision-making

Amy Swiffen

Research interests:

law and society, risk and uncertainty

shallow focus photography of white camera
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Vinicius Teixeira

Research interests:

sousveillance, political morphing societies

Matthew Unger

Research interests:

aesthetic judgement, criminal accusation, risk

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