Cristy Vista

Research interests

  • Gamesense
  • Problem Gambling
  • Responsible Gambling
  • Financial Performance
  • RG Performance Measurement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

The Political Economy of Gambling and Responsible Gambling in British Columbia.

Project Title: Corporate Responsibility as Legitimation in British Columbia’s Gambling Industry

  • How the Province of British Columbia, and particularly, its main gaming company BCLC implements its RG (Responsible Gambling) initiatives.
  • Main goal is to identify and position the key stakeholders in B.C.’s responsible gambling narrative.
  • Also looks at how RG constitutes/is constituted by BC’s gambling revenue distribution, discourses on problem gambling, and the technologies and processes connected to RG programs.
  • How this information connects to the historic legitimation of gambling, creates a comprehensive picture of responsible gambling in BC, and sheds light on how gambling as an industry and as an activity is legitimated in Canadian society across time.
  • Ongoing: Financial and Performance measures of gaming revenue distribution and RG as reported by GPEB; Summary of Problem Gambling studies in BC
  • Ongoing: The contradictions of the government as a benefactor of the gambling industry and its “duty of care” towards its citizens
  • Ongoing: Self-exclusion: technology and processes
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