Pierre-Olivier Jourdenais

Research interests

  • Responsibilization
  • Online Poker
  • Gaming
  • Gender
  • Surveillance

Pokerstars, the Stars Group, and the conflicting discourses of responsabilisation.

  • Object of study: Pokerstars website and Stars Group website and their user terms of agreement.
  • Focus on two things: their responsible gaming section and how their websites are marketed, and the gendered aspects of marketing the Pokerstars app.
  • Investigating their investor relations files in order to further look into how they were marketing their products.
  • Investigating how the notion of surveillance functions on the website, particularly with regard to the duration of storing information about players.
  • Pokerstars website: two competing discourses in regards to how they talk about their products: the first and more prominent discourse is in marketing the game as if it was sports, and on playing to make money. The second type of discourse, mostly found in the responsible gaming section, is one of self-control, detachment from the game, and a heavy emphasis on not playing to make money.
  • Stars Group website: also heavily market their Poker platform as if it was sports, again, with no mention of responsible gaming.
  • appears to adopt gendered messaging in their marketing


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