Sarah Bibeau

Research interests

  • Government
  • Bill 74
  • Loto-Québec
  • Liability
  • Gender
  • Lottery

Bill 74 and its many particularities; the case of Mise-o-Jeu and responsible media.

Oriented towards Quebec’s Government and Loto-Québec. Research looked at the dynamics between both organizations, their policies, their procedures. Taking Mise-o-Jeu as the main object of research- what it is; what it does; what are the game politics; how it is played and by whom. New research focus: lottery and gender.

  • To provide an overview of Bill 74 – politics, legal trial, parties involved, updates, etc.
  • Identifying the strengths and limitations of Loto-Québec’s approach to responsible play.
  • Alternative approaches to the concept of responsibility in the realms of gaming, gambling, play, and in the media.
  • lottery and gender, focusing on experiences of women.
  • Digital issues in relation to diversified social and cultural contexts.
  • Translation of documents for the Jeu Responsable team.
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