Naschra Paul

Research interests

  • Consumer profiling
  • Surveillance
  • Panopticon
  • Cookies
  • Profiling machine

Consumer profiling in the gaming\gambling industry

  • Examine links between consumer profiling and the gaming\gambling industry.
  • Object of study: Large corporations, small businesses and their management of personal information
  • Looks at how free coupons, loyalty cards are used as tools to build consumer profiles.
  • How is the panoptic tool of consumer rewards programs used for discriminatory purposes? For example, the punitive credit system does not take into account the social circumstances that can cause credit delinquencies.
  • How users are coerced into accepting “cookies” on websites, by way of an individual either accepting to allow themselves to be profiled or  else face losing access to certain information or services. How is “choice” constructed in these circumstances?
  • Understanding that gaming / gambling addictions are social problems, not individual ones.
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